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I’ve sent around several e-mails this week to publishers about printing Michael Monroe’s autobiography in English. I even wrote to Ari Vantanen, the co-author of both MM’s book and Hanoi Rock’s “All those Wasted Years.” I asked him if the books would ever be printed in English and told him that I had been e-mailing publishers myself. I got a reply this morning!! Here’s what he said:


Thank you for contacting me.

It’s strange how difficult it is to put those books out there in English. I even have a good, full translation of the Hanoi book, and yet nothing happens.

There are some publishers that have showed some interest, but when it’s time to make a move nothing happens. I’ve contacted some publishers myself, and LIKE has tried, too.

To answer your question; if some decent publishing house wants to print them in English, we’re all for it.

Thank you for helping us out by e-mailing publishers. I really appreciate it. Maybe some day…


This does sound promising! I’m trying any publishers that have published rock autobiographies. Maybe something will come about from all this!

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